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pictures of the aaa as the u.s. official allies had the first a tax breaattacks. coming up. >> vicki: at some intense moments. the san jose it fire department issued a shelter. here is this seen as the crews worked to clean up to an and 50 gal.. >> reporter: at the san jose fire department was called to the treatment plant on grayson road. it can taint 5,000 gal. of ammonia. it began to leak. a point of the allocation was hit. >> we ask residents to close their windows and stay in their homes. >> reporter: firefighters were able to a purge the tank. they discovered hundreds of gallons of them and it had leaked. >> at the leak is not getting worse. it is contained. we have approximately two and 50 gal. and said the secondary containment area. >> reporter: they are relieved to know the other circumstances where their favor. >> we have been offline at this plant since early march. we have a construction project. the of the tanks of water. we are supplying the treated water to the valley from los gatos. >> reporter: the incident was declared contained. in san jose jet pierce kron4 news.
:00. >> japanese helicopter pilots dumped sea water on damaged nuclear reactors to try to prevent meltdowns as u.s. experts issue an a.m. now warning. >> good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. japanese helicopter pilots are trying to fight the meltdown. sea water is being dumped on to the spent fuel rods in order to reduce the radiation exposure. nuclear reactors need a constant source of cooling water. officials in japan hope the helicopter bucket brigade can keep the reactors from overheating while the plant operators scramble to install a power line and use electricity to restore the reactor's cooling systems. >>> now, less than an hour ago, word came that the united states will start evacuating americans from japan, including private citizens and the families of u.s. personnel. president obama informed japan's prime minister of the plans tonight. the obama administration is chartering aircraft to accommodate americans who want to leave. also today the chairman of the u.s. regulatory commission says radiation near the fukushima plant is extremely high and damage at one reac
. >> and i'm eric thomas. >> a u.s. military jet has crashed. they say the plane was not shot down. both crew members on board managed to eject before the plane crash. one crew member has recovered safely and the operation to get the other crew member is underway now. terry mcsweeney is gathering details and have an update coming up. >>> manpower the roads are wet. we'll get to the latest on our storm with mike. >> we are saying there is a window for clearing that road? >> that is about right now until 2:00 or 4:00. we do have scattered showers mainly over the east bay valleys down to the southern section of the santa clara valley. heaviest rain moving into the eastern section of alameda county, altamont pass, livermore you may run into a shower there. also south of san jose, right along 101, gilroy, that is where we're seeing a little light rain. one more shower in the northern parts of napa county. this is going to bring us heavier rain with a cold front. first, let's go over to megan to find out your morning commute. >> we do have a wind advisory on the bay bridge. here is a live look at t
. >> reporter: worry about the stability of countries in the middle east, now worry about u.s. economic recovery is urging the obama administration toward tapping the strategic reserve. >> it is one we are considering, it has been done in very rare occasions there is a bunch of factors that have to be looked at and it is just not the price. >> reporter: america's strategic petroleum research every holds 777 million-barrels of oil. selling oil from the reserve at $100 a barrel could ease the federal deficit but new york times report online says obama administration is concerned about taking oil from the reserve when there is excess oil production capacity around the world. when the reserve was tapped in 2005 after hurricane katrina. oil prices dropped 9% now? >> i think it is time and we need to look at other sources of energy. >> reporter: now is not the time some say. >> not the strategic reserve i am buying an electric car tomorrow and it will give me the patriotic pleasure of not sending money overseas to someone trying to blow us up. >>> tapping the reserve would free up supply but only have
has been reached to the u.s., with tiny amounts of of the coast of massachusetts. in rain water but health officials are reassured that it is not an issue. the trick in water is completely safe. pre-dawn candlelight vigil near three mile island in pennsylvania. annthe 32nd anniversary of the partial march 28th, 1979 it worst nuclear accident in the u.s.. demonstrators of an offering prayers for japan. pamela? >>pam: we are waiting to adhere president across the country of 4.30 will have the alike. and update you with the rebels all coming up, stay with us. [ male announcer ] for 5 bucks, you can get a sub. or...you can get all this. kfc's $5 everyday meals. 5 meals, 5 bucks. choose from one of the colonel's favorites, like two pieces of original recipe. your choice of sides, biscuit and a medium drink, just 5 bucks. 5 freshly made today. 5 for 5 bucks every day. so why get a sub, when you can get a whole meal -- any day? today is a kfc day. and today tastes so good. >>pam: after a u.s. soldier pleaded guilty more photos of the surger-alters--and kimberly of these soldiers imager
's stricken nuclear power plant, the u.s. is arranging charter flights for americans who want to leave japan. i'm charlie d'agata in yoshita, japan, with the story coming up. >> the desperate search for loved ones during japan's worst crisis since world war ii. good morning, it is thursday, march 17, 2011, st. patrick's day. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 4:30. a good day to be hoop fans. we have a lot of basketball here on cbs. >> weather-wise, we have a lot of rain don't we, lawrence. >> all this rain is going to make everything nice and green around the bay area. yeah, happy st. patrick's day, folks. if you are heading out, things are going to be mostly dry today. but we do have a chance of a few showers north of the golden gate bridge. behind that, though, we have a significant storm system. that one is on the way. looks like friday could be a very wet and wild day around the bay area. we'll have more on that coming up. right now, let's get a check of traffic with elizabeth. >> dry for now. it's made for a very calm quiet start to our morning commute. in f
because of weather. >> kron4 news it etch 9. the u.s. and allies lost the first missile assault. emergency crews are trying to deal with the nuclear crisis in japan. radiation levels are exceeded the safety limits and have been detected in food and water near the plant. plus, they say you cannot predict the next big quake but when bay area the knowledge of says that if you have to the next week. the them by developing the news in libya. present record, has announced and u.s. military strike against the military in libya. it is an effort designed to get the military in line. more bloodshed. the nation's government has blasted the operations in their nation. they say innocence has been clouded in the crossfire. barbour has the latest. >> reporter: at the u.s. military has key allies such as france and great billion -- great britain launching misfiles. present record, was speaking from brazil and says the u.s. will not have to come again. he will not idly stand by (no audio) >> vicki: we are having some audio issues. hours after the attack the leader it went on the tv and said that he would d
and the possibility of the u.s. nations conducted air strikes against libyan forces which are just out side of that gauzy right now. let us go to the newsroom. >> reporter: good point, there are four journalists that will be released today. the for a journalist before reported missing while they were covering the libyan conflict. there will be released later on this afternoon. i will keep monitoring the wires into be posted throughout the morning. back to. >> thank-you, the time ballot is 602. that is talk about the weather. james? >>james: it does point to be wet, what, what all day. we of rain in san mateo. bring to the north. --rain to the north. it is a substantial bit of grain. a days trekking to the northeast as we said then up to the east we are going to see near the 1 01 at purging whitakeapproaching woodacre. expect, and the next hour or two to see raid.n. just going off shore and trek across the bay is good to be targeted towards a word. expect it to a arrived in just a little bit. this is what we're saying for storm trucker for. --seeing for storm tracker 4. the timing is at 9:00
steve. >>> japan's disaster could never happen here in the u.s. why america's top nuclear regulator will make that claim when he appears before congress this congress. >>> and gap wants to make a deal with you but the promotion ends today. go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> traffic is going to be affected by a crash on 24 at st. stevens. 4 is backed up all the way to walnut creek. we'll keep an eye on this update. another traffic update, minutes ahead. >>> 7:15. all this morning and you know, we're focusing on the dangers and big questions around nuclear safety and what's happening with nuclear reactors and what could happen in this country. that's what congress will be talking about. alison burns has more. >> reporter: energy secretary, steve be chu, is testifying before a house commit -- steven championship, -- steven chu is testifying with and reiterated that u.s. nuclear plans are safe. b
details coming up. >>> the u.s. opens fire on libya. what prompted the president's decision and how gadhafi is reacting. >> and swept away by the tsunami. what became of the driver. >> good evening, a stormy day and we're not in the clear yet. another wave of heavy rain and strong winds is moving in at this hour. meteorologist, lawrence has more on that in a minute, but our team coverage begins with don knapp in san francisco and the mess left behind by the storm so far. don. >> and this wet and wild weekend is about to get a little wilder with the wind warnings coming up. there are wind advisories all the way down to the 50-mile an hour winds on the golden gate tonight and on the san mateo bridge. the big rigs and box trucks are restricted. that wind has already done damage on land. >> crews work to cut up and remove a 90-foot oak that crashed on to a house on walnut creek this evening. dropping the tree on to the roof, knocking out skylights and poking holes. no one was hurt. earlier today, wind and rain shut down highway 84 between skyline boulevard. falling trees brought dow
addressed the nation monday night to clarify the purpose of the u.s. mission in libya. >> i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action. when our interests and values are at stake, we have a responsibility to act. that's what's happened in libya. >> reporter: the explanation comes more than a week after the u.s. military and a coalition of allies began military action to enforce the united nations backed no fly zone in the civil war torn country. president obama explained actions the united states has taken to protect the libyan people from the brutality of moammar gadhafi and u.s. policy going forward as nato takes control of the mission. >> we will deny the regime arms, cut off its supplies of cash, assist the opposition and work with other nations to hasten the day when gadhafi leaves power. >> reporter: both republicans and democrats have criticized the president's policy questioning the purpose, cost and possible consequences. the ranking republican on the senate armed services committee praised the president's remarks but said he didn't go far enou
, the u.s. state department is sending charter planes to help bring back american citizens who want to leave and advising americans to stay at least 50 miles from the power plant. here is the latest. >> reporter: with japanese fukushima daiichi plant crippled on the ground desperate efforts are coming from the air. helicopters dumping sea water into the holes of the roof of damaged reactor number three hoping to cool it enough to prevent a nuclear meltdown. the energy commerce says there is talk of apocalypse and i think the word is well chosen. it was considered too dangerous yesterday. they said radiation levels were too high. the. >> we are reminded how american leadership is critical to our closest allies, even if the allies are themselves economically advanced and powerful, there are moments where they need our help. >> the state department is providing aircraft to help americans leave japan and wants to evacuate americans 50 miles of the plant. the japanese zone is much smaller. tokyo's airport is packed with people leaving. like a 15-year-old sent by parents to stay with fami
him about long-term deployment. secretary gates says both the u.s. and afghan government wants the u.s. involved after the planned 2014 combat operations. he says the u.s. is in talks with the afghan government about what the presence would like like. he also offered encouragement for the troops. >> you've had a tough winter. it will be a tougher spring and summer. you have made a lot of head way. i think you are proven with your afghan partners that this will work and we will be able to prevail. >> reporter: there is a lot of speculation in d.c. that secretary gates is preparing to resign and this could be his last trip as defense secretary to afghanistan. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns. >>> in libya government forces again launched air attacks on rebel forces today. the troops loyal are trying to prevent the rebel fighters from advancing to the capitol of tripoli. already the uprising is a lot longer and more violent than the revolts that overthrew the leaders of egypt and tanisha. as the evacuation of foreign workers continues now, one group of evacwees went to ex
to offer u.s. assistance. here is the latest. >> in parts of japan hit by an earthquake flattened by a tsunami, a third risk now looms, fears of nuclear meltdown. >> this veekt says it's the most frightening thing but signs of what is happening at the fukushima daiichi plant are not good. all four reactors have had issues including three exposes explosions. >> the prime minister says the leaked radiation level is rather high. >> now we are talking about levels that can impact human health. i would like all of you to take this information calmly. keep inside the house. >> japanese television echoed the warnings affecting 140,000 people. 70,000 have already evacuated. nearby test sites are checking people to see if they have been exposed to radiation. >> this woman seven i worry very much about the radiation. i don't even know what to do. even in tokyo, there are reports of slightly higher radiation levels but they say it's too small to threaten people there. hillary clinton met with japan's foreign minister who expressed gratitude. >> the world comes together to support japan in th
in an attempt to sneak across the u.s. border. >>> also a new sign of defiance from libyan leader gadafi. why questions are being raised about whether the military operation against libya is really working. >>> good morning to you. welcome back. time now 6:16. libyan leader gadafi says western powers attacking libya will "end up in the dust bin of history." as ktvu's allison burns reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, gadafi made his first appearance since the beginning of those coalition air strikes. allison. >> reporter: dave, gadafi's forces are still advancing. the civilian death toll is mounting. and this morning there are questions about whether the military effort against him is working. >>> this is new video of u.s. fighters taking off from the uss key damage in the mediterranean sea as forces continue to pound libyan targets, gadafi sounds as defiant as ever. he made his first appearance since the attacks began and vowed to keep fighting. >> they will not terrorize us. we are making fun of throbbing course. >> reporter: president obama is cutting short his south america trip by
of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says there's no more water in one of the spent fuel pools at the plant. increasing the chance of widespread nuclear fallout. however, japanese officials deny that that pool is dry. the u.s. government is now chartering airplanes to help evacuate u.s. citizens from japan because of the rising radiation levels. voluntary evacuation to family members of government employees. >>> time now 5:01. scientists here on the west coast are closely watching the movement of the radioactive plume coming from the crippled japanese nuclear reactors. it's expected to hit the illusion islands south of alaska some time today. that plume is then expected to reach southern california late tomorrow. the health experts are emphasizing radiation levels are plunging as that plume moves across the ocean. at worse they say health consequences here in the united states would be extremely minor. >>> now the environmental protection agency is installing additional radiation monitors here in california to just stay on top of the current threat. ktvu's jade hernandez joinin
choice, the u.s. enters a new military campaign in the middle east. the news starts now. >>> good evening. i'm marla tellez in for diane dwyer. winter weather hanging on. we're watching another major storm move in right now, promising to pack a serious one-two punch of rain and winds. meteorologist nick o'kelley is tracking the storm, and how long it will linger. but first, kimberly tere joins us live in san jose. >> reporter: we've seen steady rain all day today, marla. take a look at the water here draining onto the street. and as forecasted, the winds really did seem to pick up right at 9:00. and are very strong. mother nature really putting on a show here. and causing some ruckus. california highway patrol is keeping busy. officers say this car was going too fast for weather conditions and ended up in a ditch in san jose. there were no injuries. but chp is urging drivers to slow down on these slick roads. there have been multiple spinouts and issues with debris on the roadways. in walnut creek, weather caused this oak tree to topple onto a home. with the forecast calling for more rain
levels are extremely high. >>pam: with four reactors in danger of meltdown the u.s. embassy is warning americans to stay at least 50 mi. away. >>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 4:00. >>pam: japanese officials say the best way of ending the threat of nuclear disaster is a new power line that could restore electrical power to the cooling pumps at the reactors. the u.s. regulatory commission said today all the water is gone from one of the polls. as kron 4 shows us, there is now nothing to stop the fuel rods from ultimately melting down. >>reporter: a new satellite pictures shows for the first time the extensive damage to the reactors. no. 1 lost its roof in an explosion, number two is in tact in releasing steam. no. 3 shows the most damage but the greatest danger is reactor for. it that is where all the water is train from the polls. u.s. officials say they could ignite with enough force to blast the radioactive fuel over the wide area. they told americans it's no longer safe to stay within 50 mi. of the plan. the japanese military tried to use helicopters t
>> alan: the u.s. has launched the first tom ahack missiles against libya. the united states has officially entered the conflict in libya. 110 cruise missiles have lit up the skies skies in tripoli. here's more on operation odyssey dawn. >> u.s. missiles such as this one have fired the first salvo against libyan air defenses. >> we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy and his forces step up their assault. >> the video of a libyan war plane shot down by rebels is a preview. war planes destroyed several of the rem scream's tanks. president obama warned moammar gadhafi over scenes like this. civilians were taking casualties. >> eunited states will contribute our unique capabilities at the front end of the mission to protect libyan civilians. >> foreign air forces are expected to carry out many of the attacks. the danish fighter jets arrived at u.s.a. fighter base in sicily. >> the no-fly zone is not in effect. >> we're creating the conditions to be able to set up the no-fly zone. >> while the u.s. is leading the front end of the attack, presiden
: with biohazard recommendations from barack obama reiterated that the u.s. commitment to recovery u.s. citizens from japan. >> the japanese people are not alone in this terrible time. her find a hand extended from the and it states as they get back on their feet. >>reporter: outside the nuclear evectioevacuate evacuatn area, a small sign of progress with supplies. some of the setbacks for these victims. >> i've not even a time to think. >>reporter: chartering planes of u.s. diplomats through japan from japan, to the u.s.. >>pam: air travel is looking for nuclear exand contamination levels in reports of rhodesian lovradiati. --none of these reported incidences or harmful levels. even though some haof the cargo have radiation levels. >>reporter: everybody is hitting screens, with the potential law will is dangerous? this is done 365 days a year everybody is- getting screened. the department of hulman is a home with a security is the department of all landis' attorney alerted yesterday homeland security. this device is the radiation detector. it is smaller than his cellphone. if the harmful lovell
: president obama called japan to get an update, to let the japanese people the u.s. is ready to help. >> u.s. president obama expressed sympathy to the jobless public. he also offers support including, of the support related to the nuclear-power plant. >> reporter: the united states urged its citizens to move away from the power plant. u.s. state renounced church sites will be made available to u.s. citizens who have to leave. law will also provide an on android to providing over the site the idea is to give the japanese government a better idea what may be going on. reporting live, tokyo carmarthen savage. >> will: nearly a week after more than 452,000 people are staying in shelters in near freezing temperatures supplies are running short. more than 5300 people confirmed dead. officials believe that number will climb to well over 10 doesn't. the crisis in japan is spiking demand for the u.s. potassium iodine. it's a cheap trick that can protect against one type of radiation damage. >> reporter: one of the most common questions is will potassium iodide prevent radiation damage? state healt
:30 this evening. >> tonight the u.s. military is helping get water to northern japan for drinking and for cooling those troubled nuclear reacttores. the u.s. navy has shipped barges containing half a million gallons of fresh water and the air force has flown tons of bottled water to sendei. iodine in the sea water measurements now measure 1200 times higher than safety limits. but officials claim it is so diluted it is not a threat to marine life or the human food supply. >>> a las vegas monitoring station has detected very small amounts of radiation from japan's nuclear reactor. isotope 131 and zenon 133 were picked up near the atomic testing museum. they can tell the radiation is from japan because the isotopes are not usually detected in nevada. again, health officials say it poses no risk. >>> president obama is planning a televised address to the nation monday evening to discuss u.s. military involvement in libya. as steve harr igan reports rebels took control of a key city with help from rebel forces. >> reporter: rebels claimed a key city today the first turn- around since nato involvement.
on this stronger storm for your commute, coming up. >>> our international headlines now. we are a week into the u.s.-led military intervention in libya and there are concern that is fight is dissolving into a stalemate. u.s. pilots are flying 45% of the missions, almost half of what it was a few days ago. libyan leader moammar gadhafi's forces are taking heavy hits from the air but on the ground, rebel forces are losing territory. president barack obama pulled out a land invasion to -- has ruled to out a land invasion to oust gadhafi, but house speaker john boehner sent a letter to the president today demanding an outline of the u.s. goals in libya. >>> radiation leaking from japan's tsunami-damaged nuclear power plant is now in tokyo's tap water, prompting long lines for water and certain foods. the water is safe for adult bus the government says radiation levels are higher than recommended for infants. the u.s. is still searching for a few americans that remain unaccounted for in northern japan. the state department says one u.s. citizen is confirmed dead. >>> well, she was a hollywood icon with
missile destroyer as it lauren -- launched a missile. the u.s. and british navies launched 112 cruise missiles to take out libyan iads or integrated air device sites. >>> moammar gadhafi predominantly lives in tripoli and that's where the most robust iads are. but the no-fly zone that we want to enforce encompasses east and west so we went after that first wave. >> a spokesman claims the missile attacks killed civilians. >> those killed mostly martyrs, women, children and older people. >> libya will try to defend itself according to section 1 of the united nations charter. >> reporter: president obama, who authorized the attacks, said the u.s. was acting with european and arab allies to stop moammar gadhafi's assault on his own people. >> make no mistake, today we are part of a broad coalition. we are answering the calls of a threatened people. and we are acting in the interests of the united states and the world. >> the thousands of moammar gadhafi supporters gathered for a rally outside the leader's military camp in tripoli. it is believed they are trying to form a human shield to p
's ambassador to talk more about u.s. assistance. >> the in parts of japan hit by an earthquake flattened by a tsunami a third risk now looms. fears of nuclear meltdown. >> this evacuee says that most frightening thing. nobody really knows what is happening. but signs what is happening at fukushima daiichi are not good. all four reactors have issues including three explosions. radioactive material could be leaking from the base of the reactor. the leaked radiation level is rather high. >> now we are talking about levels that can impact human health. i would like all of you to take this information calmly. >> keep inside the work places or houses. >> they echoed the warnings affecting more than 140,000 people within a 12 mile radius. 70,000 have already evacuated. they are checking people to see if they have been exposed to radiation. >> this woman says i worry very much about radiation. i don't know what to do. even in tokyo, there are reports of slightly higher radiation levels but they say the levels are too small to threaten people there. hillary clinton met with the foreign minister w
:30. bringing the climate change law to a halt. >> u.s. fighter jet goes down in libya, two crew members on board and the latest on coming up. >> tons of rock come crashing down from a santa cruz county cliff. >> forecast coming up, we'll talk about heavy rains in the santa cruz mountains. it's focused in the can of airport delays, snow near boston and minneapolis and severe weather is possible in kansas city and st. louis. go to www.abc7.com where you can find flight tracker. >>> a rock slide has geologists in a race against time. >> here is a live look at dry downtown san francisco, toward the east bay hills, it's not going to last very long. wet weather on the way. heavy at times and even stronger storm that may cause more flooding thursday. >> good morning. chp has issued a wind advisory for the bay bridge. just got word that the vallejo ferry service has been cancelled. >> also this morning, prosecutors will lay out their case against former giants' slugger barry bonds. >> and a marin county sanitation district is looking for a criminal investigation of a spill that dumped 2 million
is reactor 4. wednesday, u.s. officials warn the unit no longer has water in its spent fuel pools, meaning the fuel rods are completely exposed, with nothing to prevent them from melting down. the u.s. is urging all americans to steer clear of the troubled plant. late last night the state department stayed would arrange charter flights to help u.s. citizens leave japan. today, tokyo's airport was packed with travelers like barbara, eager to get out. >> i'm concerned because i really don't know the situation about the radiation. it keeps changing. >> reporter: all americans living within 50 miles of the plant are being encouraged to evacuate or stay indoors. that's 2.5 times as wide as the danger zone established by the japanese. president obama discussed the precautions the u.s. is taking in a phone call with japan's prime minister last night. he also vowed to do everything possible to help japan recover from its worst crisis since world war ii. the u.s. military will provide fire trucks and pumps from its bases here in japan but made clear that they would be manned by japanese forces. liv
prices until prices and the u.s. economy stabilize. >> we could actually see a reversal. >> reporter: bottom line, florists can only eat so much of thed a add -- of the additional prices and at some point we'll all end up paying more. back to you. >>> the rising price of fuel is driving up the price for an airline ticket. let's give you a live look at what's happening at san jose's airport. southwest airlines announced it's joan -- it's joining other carriers by hiking up fees. they all raised their fares within the last week. this is the sixth time they raised their rates this year. farecompare.com is reporting that a $00 ticket in january would cost you now $260 today. >>> soaring oil prices sent stocks tumbling on -- tumbling on wall street today. [closing bell ] >> the fighting in libya helped push the oil up today and that's making investors very nervous. the dow jones industrial average finished the day down 70 points, at 1290. the nasdaq was off a little more than 39 points. >>> the federal reserve released a mixed report on consumer spending, showing that americans are buying
nuclear plant and its implications for nuclear safety in the u.s. >>> and in japan, the officials there wall the situation very grave after confirming that highly toxic plutonium is seeking from the plant. plant operators say the amount of the pleau toneium is not a -- plutonium is not a risk to humans. but it's evidence that there is a leakage from the facility. >>> hitting a wall, what libyan rebels have been stopped. >>> a muslim civil rights hear something going on right now in washington, d.c. we'll find out about the testimony by a member of the san francisco-based group. >>> good morning. we'll have lows in the 40s and then more clouds in the morning and then fewer in the afternoon. tomorrow mid- to upper 70s are possible. >>> in libya today, government troops drove back an assault of rebel sources on moammar gadhafi's town. this comes after several easy days of opposition. they were outgunned by government troops at the entrance to search moammar gadhafi's home town. >>> moments ago, secretary of state, hillary clinton, speaking in london said military action in libya will
of libya. >> reporter: air will allow the current coalition led by the u.s., u.k., france to stand down. that may please some legislators to criticize president barack obama for u.s. involvement. former secretary of state madeleine albright says the president made the right move. >> i think he handled it very well, the reason we intervened this is terrible things are happening on the ground near libya. people were being killed, gaddafi himself had said he was going to slaughter everyone. we had an international support for. >> reporter: the first set of data will be to take charge of the no-fly zones >> justine: . facing mounting concern over the proposed mission president barack obama is scheduled to address the nation today, a live event scheduled for 4:30 p.m. we wish be sure to light in exactly what he says. coming up, the latest on the worsening situation in japan will take about 6.5 magnitude aftershock and the latest on the radiation concerns. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. >> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 new
. since the beginning of this year, investors have put more than $24 billion in u.s. stock funds. >>> san francisco police everyone waking you this morning about a new scam, this one targets atms and these thieves use glue, not guns. jade hernandez is live in san francisco now to tell us what to look out for. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. i just checked in with the san francisco richmond police station that's just around the corner and found out one of these thefts happened last week during the day at a bank of america atm similar to this one. what the customer did, the customer put the card inside of the machine and then typed in the key code. once the key code came up, the customer realized that. enter button had been glued down. thieves are targeting atm users and the customers can't finish the process because the key gets stuck in the machine. the customer goes inside the bank and leaves the information or card back up on the screen. a local paper report says the police said since january there have been four of these type of thefts in the district. thieves are using
. >> u.s. experts believe it could be weeks before the emergency is resolved, and americans are being urged to flee a 50 mile area around the plant. on our shores, radiation monitoring has been stepped up on the west coast as a precaution. >> we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast, alaska, hawaii or u.s. territories in the pacific. >> we have seen no radiation, by the way, even on incoming cargo or passengers that comes close to reaching a harmful level. >> in tokyo, experts say radiation levels are below harmful levels, but anxiety is on the rise. and the pentagon is organizing a voluntary evacuation of american military families and citizens who want to get out. >> now, there is a lot of american expertise with regard to nuclear energy that's being called upon to help in japan. tonight we've learned of another american resource that's being looked into, the super soaker, the converted 747 used to drop huge amounts of water on wildfires. we talked with the company that runs it tonight and they say they're in talks with what role they could play. they lik
areas. today, u.s. officials also urged americans to move farther away from the troubled power plant. than japanese leaders have been advising. kris sanchez has more. >> americans hearing that advice to get farther away would be wise to follow it as the focus now has shifted to a reactor that is considered stable. meanwhile, they doused the power plant with water from above until they were grounded by spiking radiation levels. japan doubled the number of workers heading into the plant to assess the situation. all this time, the japanese had been telling people to stay 12 miles away, but that may not be far enough. >> american citizens in japan evacuate, those american citizens within a 50-mile radius of the reactors evacuate from that area. this is the same advice that the nrc would give if this incident were taking place in thenit uni states. >> how u.s. military pilots are not being allowed within that radius of the plant except for the ones who are going to assist in some relief missions. they are getting those iodine tablets. as the white house delivers the urgent message t
from japan would hit the u.s. potassium iodine can be potentially harmful. >>> the earthquake and tsunami is one of the most documented disasters in history. amateur video of the disastrous waves continue to appear online. [ sirens ] >> we found this new video on youtube. that siren you hear alerted people to the incoming tsunami. you can see the huge wave washing into streets, taking away everything in its path. this video was reportedly shot by an american man living in tokyo. >>> here is more news video on youtube. this shows a port town of kamashi flooded by the tsunami. it devastated the town, despite its world record for the deepest break water. that's an underwater barrier stretching along its coastline, meant to decrease the size of a tsunami. >>> the official death toll jumped again today. government officials now say 3300 are confirmed dead but said there's no doubt that many more people were killed and that would include at least 10,000 people still missing. maya by state alone. some global insurers are calculating the disaster to be around $35 billion. if true, i
on ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >>> good afternoon. topping our news, the u.s. is stepping up relief efforts to help japan recover from last week's massive earthquake and tsunami. the death toll also continues to rise and concern is growing over the threat of a possible nuclear plant meltdown. craig boswell begins our coverage with this report. >> reporter: just days after the devastating and deadly earthquake and tsunami in japan, help is arriving. two u.s. search and rescue teams are on the ground to assist operations from dozens of other countries. 75-member u.s. teams include at least 12 rescue dogs from los angeles. >> the united states will continue to offer any assistance we can as japan recovers from multiple disasters. we will stand with the people of japan in the difficult days ahead. >> reporter: tensions are also high for those trying to get in touch with loved ones. >> the phones were busy all the time. there was no way we could connect. >> reporter: helicopters are using the deck of the uss ronald reagan as a staging area. meantime, a second hydrogen explosion at the nu
>>> also, new nuclear concerns in japan that there is a direct connection to the u.s. navy. >>> it's been an anxious morning for some b.a.r.t. comcommuters -- commuters. >>> right now, hundreds of bay area community college students and their supporters are heading north to the state's capitol. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well, good morning to you. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, march 14th. >>> just hours ago, b.a.r.t. took -- took care of one problem. >> sal has more on the coverage. >> what happened? >> the system is running well. allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: well, right now, there are delays of trains coming in san francisco. at the concord station. that brought the strain line and traffic to a complete standstill. news chopper 2 was overhead when it happened. b.a.r.t. officials still don't know why that derailment happened. crews worked overnight to remove the derailed tank -- train. at 4:00 a.m. this morning, the work was complete and selves was restored. back out here live, there were delays. when we talked to commuters this morning, they are re
it the u.s. >>> president obama will be returning to the bay area next month. this will be his third visit here since october. the president will visit san francisco on april 20th for a fund-raiser. mr. obama's trip will follow his re-election kickoff. there are reports the president will also make a stop along the peninsula in attempts to raise more cash. obama's most recent visit happened last month when he dined with hi-tech executives including apple's steve jobs and facebook's mark zuckerberg. >>> turning now to japan and beyond. low levels of radiation from japan's nuclear crisis are showing up in milk samples in washington state. the epa and food and drug administration say consumers should not worry but add they should expect more of this news in the coming days. the measurements were taken on milk samples in spokane last friday and show radioactive levels 5,000 times below the fda's recommended levels for infants. >> topping our health watch, premature birth is the leading cause of newborn death in the united states. not only is it devastating for parents who are lose a child but
there's a very low probability of harmful radiation levels in the u.s. still ktvu sal castaneda is live where people are taking precautions. what are they doing? >> reporter: as the news worsens about the japanese nuclear disaster, more people are showing up at medical centers like this and at pharmacies asking what they can do if anything to protect themselves from radioactive fallout should it reach the west coast. potassium iodine supplements have suddenly become scarce and manufactures say they are having trouble keeping up with demand. the supplement is said to protect the thyroid gland from iodine, which may have been released from one of japan's damaged nuclear reactors. >> everyone thinks i'm a nut bag. >> u.s. surgeon general said we do not need to worry about nuclear fallout. surgeon general said people didn't need to do anything different yet. if anything changes, the public will be notified immediately. >> we work through cbc and our office of preparedness, so we would be on top of it and get the word out to your local and state health departments. you'd have it right awa
the beginning. >>> the u.s. opened fire on libya. what prompted president obama's decision and how moammar gadhafi is reacting. >> and an ammonia leak prompts a shelter in place order in san jose. >>> it is 7:30 a.m. on sunday, march 20th. spring is just about here but i don't think mother nature got the memo. >> no. no. look outside, ok. spring is here, it's sprung. a lot of news to talk about. we'll look at the weather a lot closer, as well. we have john hademan back from tokyo to talk about the earthquake and its effect on the economy >> he was there when the disaster struck. and in the next half hour, in the 8:00 section, we'll talk about what is going on and what's not going on in sacramento. and how it's going to affect you. >> that's as we approach a deadline for making that special election happen in june. a lot coming up. >>> i think the top story locally is the weather. there is some local flooding out there. the rain has been coming down, and it looks like going to keep on coming for a little while. jim bernard has the latest. we're checking in with you. storm watch, how is it l
today. they're being given out at four u.s. bases in japan. nine days after the quake and his nominees year-old woman and a teenage border rescued from wreckage in the house. rescuers found the boy is suffering from hypothermia on the roof of his prose. inside the front his grandmother week by contras. the two were in the kitchen when the quake struck. the very latest in this situation in libya, a cruise missile blasted the compound it is unknown where he was when the missile hit. pentagon officials say the u.s.-led coalition has succeeded dense scattering and isolating libyan forces of gaddafi after week a punishing air attacks. others believe that the military is under significant stress. that is included stealth bombers, jet fighters, 120 tomahawk cruise missiles and other high-tech weapons. is there to fight saying we promised a long war. " >> james: will follow that story as it develops. now, here is a look at the weather. >> george: we have a little bit of wet weather to talk about, more showers today the beginning of a series of systems. it's a few shares working their way to ha
>> i'm sydnie kohara. the u.s. sending airplanes to japan for americans who want to get out of the country. the fukushima nuclear complex in danger of a meltdown. let's go to charlie d'agata in japan. good morning, charlie. >> reporter: we are trying to make our way towards the quake zone. the japanese military has taken over control of the highways for humanitarian aid. we are going to try to get as close as we can. we're cutting through the mountains, you can see the snow, while trying to avoid at all costs getting near the nuclear power plant. >>> reporter: military helicopters launched an all-out water assault on japan's crippled nuclear power plant in a desperate attempt to buy more time. crews are racing to finish a new power line that could restore crucial water pumps, the best options many experts say to cool dangerously hot reactor and prevent a nuclear meltdown. >> we believe that radiation levels are extremely high which could possibly impact the ability to take corrective measures. >> reporter: the biggest worry is reactor 4. wednesday u.s. officials warned the u
of dangerous levels of radiation from japan would ever make it to the u.s. >> despite all the assurance we won't see high radiation levels. health stores have seen a run on potassium iodide pills and alternative remedies that are prescribed for radiation exposure. it helps block the thyroid gland from absorbing radiation. but if it's misused it can be harmful. virtually every store that carried the pills were sold out and on ebay they are going for as much as 5 haunted bottle. -- $500 a bottle. >>> it in l fluctuate in intense but definitely be out there during the morning commute and maybe up to the lunch hour but the evening commuting on to be okay. -- but the evening commute ought to be okay. >> and ponding on the road from last night. you can see the definite drying trend, as we look upstream to the north and west and look at all the snow in the sierra, a lot of fresh powder but a lot of problems up there. temperatures this morning running about one to three degrees cooler than this time yesterday. what is it right now? how about low to mid-50s, still pretty mild. by the afternoon hours, n
back. defense secretary robert gates is in afghanistan. he's determining the pace of u.s. troop with drawls and he's also making headlines this morning. alison burns has bonn monitoring a satellite feed of gate's visit with the troops. she is back with details. >> reporter: dave, the big news came when secretary gates was taking questions. he shook hands with each of the troops that came out to see him. one of them asked about long- term deployments. he said the u.s. should stay involved in afghanistan after the plan 2014 end of combat operations. >>> obviously it would be a small fraction of the presence we have today. but i think we are willing to do that. my sense is they are interested in having us do that. we will be going through this negotiation over the next several months. >> reporter: gates is also meeting with afghan president on the trip. we will stay on top of it with you. and have the latest of secretary gate's message to the troops. >>> bay area gas prices continue to be among the highest in the country. this morning drivers are getting a little bit of a break. tr
. republicans are striking ahead of the speech. they want more offshore drilling in the u.s. and criticizing president obama for telling brazil's president this month that the u.s. would like to be a consumer of its offshore oil. >> they got about every excuse they can find to lock up our own energy resources at home. the interior department released a report to us saying two-thirds of offshore leases in the gulf of mexico are unused but oil companies insist the permit process is too restrictive. more on what president obama is expected to say about the nuclear power during my next update in an hour. for now we are live in washington, d.c. alison burns. >>> time now 6:15. for the second time in a week an air traffic supervisor has been suspended. on sunday the faa says the supervisor at reagan national airport directed assault west airlines jet to fly too close to a private plane. they asked -- that incident comes after an air traffic controller fell asleep on the job at the very same airport. >>> the u.s. department of education issued a maximum possible fine of $55,000 against virginia tec
billion. it will make at&t the largest cellphone carrier in the u.s.. this acquisition would give at&t a 129 wireless subscribers and putting them ahead of verizon with 10 2 million at&t would have 129 million. the current t mobile and at&t customers need to know is that this needs to be approved by regulators in washington d.c.. and the department of justice have to decide on it. they could turn it down. giving at&t too much to applaudpower--and if this does go through? it would take one year and officially go through. in the immediate future, at&t/t mobile seen no change to their service. when and if? it brings up a lot of questions. will it improve mobile reception? the combination of these two networks? it should greatly improve both the networks if the combined. that could be a good thing for at&t and t mobile. what about the cheap t mobile wireless plans? with much cheaper plans an at&t-rise in? consumers have signed up for their great low-cost. it is likely that these will go away. customers can choose more price plans and a page on the web with facts about this merger with co
: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit sutterhealth.org. he u-s is killed o >>> it is an alarming and frightening statistic. every 15 minutes someone in the u.s. is killed or seriously injured in a drunk driving crash. and that statistic has become a rallying cry in an effort to attack the problem. mike sugerman explains. >> reporter: which one of these fresh faced high school students won't be coming home again? which one will be 16 forever? which one's parents will keep their empty room a shrine with teddy bears and baseball mitts? today it was this girl. 15 minutes later. another high school student. >> emily bombquist. >> reporter: someone is killed or seriously injured in a drunk driving crash every 15 minutes. and that's the message behind every 15 minutes. an elaborate annual chp production today put on in front of the student high body. >> every 15 minutes the event is designed to teach the students the real life consequences of drinking and drying and it is a scare tactic. >> reporter: but a brutally realistic one. alcohol was found in the car. his l
of increasing tension between the u.s. and japan over how the reactor crisis is being handled. the state department is now sending charter planes to help bring back american citizens who want to leave and advising americans to stay at least 50 miles from the power plant. >> with japan's fukushima daiichi plant crippled on the ground, desperate efforts are coming from the air. helicopters dumping sea water into the holes of the roof hoping to could cool it enough to prevent a nuclear meltdown. they say there is talk of apocalypse and i think that word is well chosen. the procedure was considered too dangerous. they said radiation levels were too high. the u.s. insisted something be done. >> we're reminded that american leadership is critical even though the allies are themselves economically advanced and powerful. there are moments where they need our help. >> the state accident now providing aircraft to help americans leave northeast japan and it wants to evacuate americans within 50 miles of the plant. tokyo's airport is packed with people leaving. like a 15-year-old sent by her parents
: that trial is happening in u.s. district court. the first thing that is going to happen when this trial gets started a little later on this morning is jury selection. the men and women on that jury will ultimately get to decide whether barry bonds lied to the judge. he made that testimony nearly eight years ago. bonds was indicted. he faces four coups counts of lying under oath. bounds is not expected to -- bonds is not expected to testify in this chase but he will be in the courtroom. first off as we mentioned jury selection has to happen. those jurors already filled out questionnaires last week. they were designed to give attorneys an idea about their backgrounds, belief, and opinions about baseball and jerry bonds. jury selection is expected to make it work later on thus morning. reporting live in san francisco. >>> the trial of the two men charged is chauncey bailey. he was writing a negative article about the black muslim bakery. he's accused of helping to track down bailey the day he was killed. convicted gunman ismy stole. that lead to a chase by score security and police officers. th
'agata, cbs 5. the u.s. navy has established a heightened awareness of 100 nautical miles around the stricken nuclear power plant. any pilots flying missions there will have to take potassium iodide and be screened for radiation when it they return. live in niigata, japan, i'm charlie d'agata, back to you >> charlie, frank mallicoat here in san francisco. curious, how far are you now from the epicenter of sendai? and can you share some of the stories you have heard from some of the refugees behind you? how are they doing? >> reporter: yes. we're about 80 miles i would say west o sendai and fukushima dai-ichi is in the other direction. most of the people here are from the fukushima area and i think we have to remember that the region where the power plant is was already struck by an earthquake and tsunami that damaged the power plant itself. so they were affected by the earthquake. they survived the earthquake. they survived the tsunami. some of the people we spoke to lived within 10 miles of the fukushima plant. one woman with a child, she is nine months pregnant, 2-year- old child, she wasn'
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